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📙 A Java GUI programmer's primer by Fintan Culwin, Dintan Culwin — pdf free

A Java GUI Programmer's Primer provides an introduction to the design and development of Java artifacts that have a graphical user interface. Written for students and professionals, this book will provide students with initial knowledge of, and skills for, the effective use of the interface components supplied with release 1.1 of the Java language and its Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT).Emphasizing that the design process must commence with usability considerations and that the software architecture must reflect this overriding concern, author Fintan Culwin includes the following important features:* UML design notation is consistently used and emphasized.* Consistent use of release 1.1 of Java and its AWT.* Interface usability modeled using State Transition Diagrams (STDs).* Software design by consistent use of class and instance diagrams.* An example of every 1.1 AWT component included.* Includes a case study illustrating different use interface styles.* Internalization and localization techniques are covered.* A web site to support the book is at

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