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📙 Kinins: Pharmacodynamics and Biological Roles by Mauricio Rocha e Silva (auth.), Federigo Sicuteri, Nathan Back, Gert L. Haberland (eds.) — free pdf

The tradition of meeting together periodically at Fiesole, in Florence, by now dear to those interested in the problems of Kinins, was respected once again. This year the Symposium "Kinin 1975" was held on the 15th - 17th of July. Participation at the Symposium drew attention to the fact that 1975 was a particularly difficult year due to the delicate international economic situation as well as the time restrictions for organizing the Symposium as a satellite conference to the Sixth International Congress of Pharmacology held in Helsinki, Finland. Despite these difficulties, the "Kinin 175" Symposium was an unquestioned success, due, in great part, to the more than 40 contributors who presented their most current studies at the customary high scientific standard, presentations that provoked and stimulated considerable discussion and debate. While our family tree now includes new and active members, the presence of many members of our "Kinin" society unable to attend was missed. In particular, we mourne the death of Professor E. Werle, one of the most outstanding pioneers in the field of the kallikrein-kinin system. His friendship, participation and counsel was, and will continue to be, sorely missed by his many colleagues and students who are indebted to him for his voluminous and scientifically­ expert contributions continued until the very end of his most full and productive life. As in the past, the atmosphere of friendship and relaxation of the Symposium enhanced the very useful communication and exchange of ideas and information amongst the participants.

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