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Optical Solitons
Optical Solitons pdf free by Kuppuswamy Porsezian, Valakkattil Chako Kuriakose

OPTICAL SOLITONS represent one of the most exciting and fascinating concepts in modern communications, arousing special interest due to their potential applications in optical fibre communication. This volume focuses on the explicit integration of analyti...

Lie Methods in Optics II: Proceedings of the Second Workshop Held at Cocoyoc, Mexico July 19–22, 1988
Lie Methods in Optics II: Proceedings of the Second Workshop Held at Cocoyoc, Mexico July 19–22, 1988 free pdf by Peter W. Hawkes (auth.), Kurt Bernardo Wolf (eds.)

Recent developments in Lie methods applied to various problems in optics and computer design are surveyed in this volume, based on lectures given and work done at the 1988 workshop held in Cocoyoc, Mexico. Topics discussed include perturbation expansions,...

Applications of Nonlinear Fiber Optics
Applications of Nonlinear Fiber Optics download pdf by Govind Agrawal

As the field grew, Agrawal decided to split this text off from his Nonlinear Fiber Optics, which is more concerned with the discipline's fundamentals. This edition is intended for senior undergraduates, graduate students, engineers and technicians in the ...

Optical network design and implementation
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Optical Network Design and Implementation contains a broad range of technical details on multiservice optical networking and covers optical networking theory, design, and configuration by providing informative text, illustrations, and examples. It can be ...

Optical Switching and Networking Handbook
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*Bestselling author Regis "Bud" Bates utilizes a market-driven, "business needs" approach to optical communications*Provides a concise analysis of systems and options without being overly technical and translates complicated jargon into clear business ter...

Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication
Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication free pdf by Casimer DeCusatis

This book is an important reference source for today's communications professionals. The book offers an overview of data communication using both fiber optics and optoelectronics. In addition, the book offers guidance regarding all the industry standards,...

Modern Nonlinear Optics
Modern Nonlinear Optics (Part 1) free download by Evans M.W., Prigogine I. (ed.)

A lively forum on key issues and a stimulus for further researchThe immense strides in optical science that have taken place since the statistical molecular theories of electric, magnetic, and optical saturation phenomena came to light in the late fifties...

Optical System Design
Optical System Design download pdf by Robert F. Fischer, Bijana Tadic

Deemphasizing mathematical equations, this textbook attempts to present the equivalent of an introductory course in the engineering of optical systems through graphics and other explanation. Chapters cover such topics as computer performance evaluation, G...

Optical properties of solids
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Gives an introduction to the optical properties of solids, including many new topics that have not been previously covered in other solid state texts at this level....

Optical metrology
Optical metrology pdf free by Kjell J. Gåsvik

New material on computerized optical processes, computerized ray tracing, and the fast Fourier transform, Bibre-Bragg sensors, and temporal phase unwrapping.* New introductory sections to all chapters.* Detailed discussion on lasers and laser principles, ...